Why Join MBIIS?

MBIIS’ great strength lies in the partnership between the students, parents and teachers. This combination provides superb facilities, contact with the very best minds, and personal attention and support to develop your academic and extra-curricular interests.

MBIIS education offers you the chance to engage with academics at the forefront of cutting-edge education and to contribute to solving some of our global challenges.

We also provide many opportunities to engage socially – in activities such as sports, performance and literary arts, and charity work – as well as to develop knowledge and transferable skills to prepare you for the future. Here you will have the opportunity to pursue your intellectual inquisitiveness and acquire the habits of mind which will develop your future experience of life, whatever turn it may take.

Quite simply, if you have the skill, the passion and the stimulus to study here, then we want to hear from you.

As an International School MBIIS welcomes applications from the parents of students who understand and support our mission.

When considering all applicants, we take into account both the suitability of our educational programme for the prospective student and the availability of places within the school.

The earliest acceptance of application material is three months prior to planned attendance and/or January of that particular year.

In recognition of our mission as an International School, it is possible that, as class sizes approach the maximum, remaining places may be reserved for expatriate international students.

Applicants are advised that the school does not have the facilities to serve the educational needs of students who have mental, emotional or physical handicaps or severe learning disabilities.


The aim of the Tuition Fee Reduction Programme (TFRP). is to provide financial assistance to families who would not otherwise be able to benefit from the international education MBIIS offers. The programme supports our strategic goals of broadening both international and social diversity. It is available to students in Grade 1 and above.