Learning @ MBIIS

At MBIIS, we structure our students' education across three distinct sections: Intermediate School, Mid School, and Senior High. These three areas differ in offering the kind of flexible environment dynamically adjusting towards the students' learning requirements. While we do develop a curriculum that adheres to the CBSE guidelines, we also innovate and come up with learning materials that emanate from this and other frameworks that are pedagogical and fulfilling to our learners. In order to seek the aptitude of the modern generations, we implement the recent technologies into the educational infrastructure as a whole to help students to become able to work in the society nowadays through the leverage of their abilities. Students being computer-equipped have welcomed learning resources and have therefore been able to interface with technology. Apart from that, we recenter our prof accommodations by providing basic off-site workshops and conferences as well as teachers-led learning sessions. Through the careful design of our curricular and ways of teaching, we in MBIIS are committed to the creation of the dynamic and innovative learning environment that embraces the education platform for all, including our students and teachers.