MBIIS students learning is largely dependent upon the type of classroom environment which is why we think that it is one of the most significant factors. Students gain better understanding of their subject when they see the learning space as a neutral and safe one.

The CBSE syllabus which is the prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education, puts a premium on enabling children to acquire both knowledge-based skills and life-skills critical for taking on international challenges. We consider the school buildings as a critical force that creates velocity in healthy behavior, directions, engagement, learning and advancement of the good academic results of each student. The classroom has modern teaching support which includes both tech and non-tech materials for instance, smart boards, computer workstation, and also access to television monitors. The highlight of latest technology we have adopted is that the lessons become lively, where students are eager and excited to learn. Within this course, the weakest students who suffer in academia are given an extra care and guidance through the subject-wise remedial classes. Due to specific subject, a model of 'special period hollow after regular hours' is set up to make sure that students are not left behind from all subjects. From now on we will only keep mind the ultimalat grade and the quality in all cases and the condition of our school buildings will be the finest one in the educational field.