Middle School

The educational sparkle is our target. By treating each of the students in a way as a remarkable present but let them define their emotional, physical and logical qualities. Subjects taught in mainstreamed syllabus by the governmental central Board of Secondary Education take into consideration personality development and various practical aspects of life and help students shape up their lives to be successful amidst the global challenges. The curriculum in Grade 9 covers a broad spectrum of subjects preparing students for the solo session performance to stage the grade 10 board exam.

  • Humanizing: Sciences – Physics, Chemistry, & Biology.

  • Mathematics

  • Humanities – History & Geography

  • ICT

  • Practical in English – The laboratories are well equipped in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students explore them with different experiments.

  • The timetables in the Middle School are designed in a manner that provides a dynamic combo of out-of-school activities like academic competitions, theatrics, music and sports in clubs.