Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

"The primary goal is to empower self-confidence, to teach them critical thinking, and to shape compassionate citizens who will strive to be an integral part of the way our world is shaped, so that it becomes a happier place to live."


"In the process of achieving glorious international status that fails to compare with any other school in the global community, our highly qualified faculty will devise an outstanding curriculum that will boost students’ creativity, inspire teamwork, and enhance academic excellence, nurturing them to become champions and leaders who are well-prepared to challenge any hurdle with confidence and responsibility."

Core Values

We foster a natural curiosity, empower students with research and inquiry techniques which they will use in both professional and personal life after graduation.

The learners are exposed to subject matter including those issues that are not only of local importance but global. As the classes proceed they develop clarity about different subjects across all disciplines.

Students apply critical thinking and creativity skills to deal with looming issues and make key moral choices.

Students articulate thoughts in many languages and modes of expression as confidently as possible and work effortfully with others in a team.

We believe in fairness, honesty, justice, and respect for people, group and communities as our core values.

Students who studied in a multicultural environment always value multiculturalism because it promotes the exposure of diverse perspectives, values, and traditions which leads to even more sharing and understanding.

We develop empathy, compassion, and tenderness towards the character and ahaidat core.

Recognizing change, students accept the challenge with bravery and take on the roles they need to try new ideas as well as new strategies.

AI-humans relations promotes a balance of the intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being of an individual for the betterment of the collective.

Students get involved in self-assessment and the process of introspection to help their learning and personal development. Students choose their own pace, work on individual tasks, and have flexibility in choosing when and where to study, which leads to improved engagement and motivation.