What makes MBIIS different

The place where you are studying plays a vital role in your education time. We don't only give you the choice to live on-campus or off campus—we'll help you feel comfortable in both. Manava Bharati India International School commenced in 1941 in Rajpur and Dehradun, and subsequently in 1948 the school was relocated in Mussoorie at Dambarni. Here the founder made it the base. The school has an area of more than 50 acres at the old circular road overlooking the Doon valley. Manav Bharati India International School (MBIIS) provides a co- educational, international, English language learning environment for students aged 4 -18. High academic standards, a diverse curriculum and a clear focus on the moral, intellectual, physical and emotional development of students are central to the MBIIS experience. The learning environment is modern, comfortable, suitably equipped, technologically and purposefully designed for specific learning needs. Facilities are continuously upgraded to keep pace with the demands of the educational and extra-curricular programme. All students benefit from large auditoriums, libraries, contemporary science labs and art and music rooms indoor table tennis halls etc. Moreover what is essential to mention is a sports fields and track, playgrounds nearby the garden, as well as the nature walk sections. School classes are supplemented by visits to field trips to different recourses and heritage sites in India and other countries lead to building of the social capital.